Transmission Band Springs

The transmission gold colored reproduction springs being supplied by the major Model T parts suppliers are to short for most Model T transmissions. They do not provide sufficient spring pressure to keep the bands away from the transmission drums. In some cases they are not long enough to even reach between the band ears.

The transmision band springs produced by T-Parts were manufactued to the original Ford specification, with the exception of the length. These springs are 2 1/4 inces long, which is just slightly longer than the original Ford specification. This is to insure that they will provide adequite spring pressure when used with the new transmission band linings. There is no need to add washers to make these springs fit.

T-Parts transmission band spring compared to a common gold colored reproduction spring.

Part Number Description
3425BQ Transmission Band Spring - Best Quality

Valve Pins

Currently there are a number of valve pins on the market which are not able to withstand the pressure of the valve springs. These pins are know to bend under the pressure, and also to wear out in a very short time. The valve pins we offer here are hardened to withstand the wear. They will not bend or wear out.

Part Number Description
3057 Valve Pin