Floor Boards

Our Quality reproduction floor boards are manufactured to fit exactly like the originals. Two versions are available. The hardwood versions are exactly like the original floor boards. They are manufactured from solid Ash and include the splines along each side just as the originals had. The plywood versions offer a less expensive alternatave. They are are made of 5/8 birch plywood and are dimensionally the same as the originals. They do not have the spline on the edge.


Like all parts on the Model T, floor boards went through many changes throughout the years. Most of the changes are very minor and have no affect on the fit or function of the floor board. Other changes do affect the fit of the floor board. Because of the large number of changes we are unable to stock every variation of floor board produced. We have identified those changes which affect the fit of the floor board and we stock each of those variations. If a change did not affect the fit or function, then the floor board we stock is a "typical" floor board. It will fit and function correctly, however they may not be exactly correct in every detail for a specific date. If you require your floor boards to be exactly as they would have been constructed at a particular date please let us know. We can research the changes made and will custom build you a set of floor boards taking into account all of the changes made up to that point at no extra charge.

Currently Available Floor Boards

We currently offer floor boards for the following models:

Custom Floor Boards

We can custom make floor boards to your specifications. If you have an early car with a later 26-27 transmission, we can custom make an early set of floor boards with the later pedal spacing. We can also custom make floor boards for Depot Hacks and speedsters. Contact Lang's to discuss your needs.

Painting and Finishing your Floor Boards

The original floor boards were finished in a semi-flat back paint. The metal brackets and all of the metal trim pieces were finished in a gloss black paint. For specific details, please see the pages for the individual floor boards.