This simple tool is used to center the reamer in the spindle body to insure that the two spindle body bushings are properly aligned.
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Lang's Part Number Description
2713RMT Spindle Bushing Reamer Alignment Tool

U-Joint Installation Tool

This tool is used to align the Universal Joint with the output shaft of the transmissin when installing the engine or rear axle. The original wrench was produced by the Frank Mossberg Co. of Attleboro, MA. It is wrench #652 - Univ. Joint Tool for Fords. The original wrench had only the hooked end which is usefull in holding up the universal jount when working from the top. We added the open end which enables the wrench to also be used from under the car.

Lang's Part Number Description
352-TOOL Universal Joint Installation Tool

Band Clamp and Wrench

This tool is used when installing the bands. The U shaped clamp is placed over the ears on the bands to hold them compressed against the drums so that the transmission cover can be installed. The wrench is sized to fit the adjusting nuts on the brake and reverse bands.

Lang's Part Number Description
3816-TCW Band Clamp and Wrench

There has been some complaints that when the transmission cover is bolted down this tool becomes jammed between the cover and the bands. This results in the tool becoming severly bent as it is removed from the transmission. This is due to the incorrect use of this tool. The service manual covers the use of this tool and specifically states that it is to be used to hold the band ears together while the cover is being installed. Once the cover is set on the transmission far enough that the band ears are in line with the bosses, this tool is to be removed. The cover is then pushed all the way down and bolted on.
For instructions on how to properly use this tool Click HERE.

Valve Lifter Wrenches

These three thin wrenches are just what is needed to set the adjustable lifters. These wrenches are thin so that they fit into the tight confines of the adjustable part of the lifter. They will work on either the two or three wrench styles. One wrench is shaped to fit on the lifter. The other two are used for the adjustment bolt and if necessary the lock nut. One has a straight head and one is curved to allow greater flexability in getting the wrench on the bolt or nut.

Lang's Part Number Description
3058-TOOL Valve Lifter Wrenches