Windshield Weatherstrip

These are the rubber strips which run along the sides of the top section of the windshield on the 1924 - 1925 closed cars. They seal the opening between the upper windshield and the body when the windshield is in the closed position. This set contains two strips, one for each side of the windshield.

This weatherstrip fits the following cars:

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Part Number Description
18812 Windshield Weatherstrip

Quarter Window Parts

Ford implemented a new method for raising and lowering the door windows on the 1922 Centerdoor Sedan and Coupe. Prior to this the windows were raised and lowered with a strap. The new method used a rod running vertically along the glass. A handle at the top of the rod was inserted into one of a number of slots in the trim molding. To raise and lower the window, the handle would be turned out of the notch, the window raised or lowered to its desired position, then the handle turned into the corresponding notch. A spring at the bottom of the lifter rod helped spring the handle back into the notch and held it there so it wouldn't pop out.The initial design used a 1/4 inch diameter rod. This was changed to a 5/16 inch diameter rod for the 1923 model year.

This kit works on the following cars:

Quarter Window Rebuild Kit

Over time, water running down the window corrodes the spring making it useless. This kit contains the parts neccessary to restore these windows to their proper operation. It provides the spring (made from the original Ford drawings), two of the special size nuts, and two of the special lock washers. This kit is for the 5/16 inche diameter rod, however the spring will possibly work on the 1/4 inch diameter rods as well. Unfortunatly due to the high tooling costs we are not able to provide the rubber anti-rattler piece that goes on the rod.

Part Number Description
5069B-KIT Window Lifter Rod Rebuild Kit

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Quarter Window Lifter Springs

These springs are used to help lift the quarter windows. They are not an exact replacement but are equivilent in length and spring force.
The original quarter window lifter springs were tapered on each end and the hooks were free to spin. Due to the cost it was impossible to reproduce these springs in this configuration. The springs here were designed as a lower cost replacement. They are equal in length and have the same spring force as the originals. The ends are fixed, however this does not affect the operation as both the bracket and lifter arm are fixed and do not rotate.
For the 1926 - 1927 Fordor Sedan, the spring design changed to be like the spring we offer here. It no longer had the tapered ends and the hooks were no longer able to sping. They also increased the length of the spring. It is possible that this spring may work in some 1926 - 1927 models however we have not verified that.

An original spring (top) and replacement spring (bottom).

Part Number Description
5092 Qtr Window Lifter Spring