Sterling, MA

Window Weatherstrip Installation Instructions

The T-18812 Windshield Weather Strip is used on the 1923 - 1927 Fordor Sedan, the 1924 - 1925 Tudor Sedan and the 1924 - 1925 Coupe. This strip of rubber runs vertically along each side of the upper windshield to provide a weather seal when the windshield is in the closed position.

Installation Instructions:

The rubber weather strip is crimped in a groove in the Windshield Upper Side and Swing Arm Frames on each side of the windshield. To install this strip it is advisable to remove the two pieces from the car. The old weather strip must be removed from the slot prior to installing the new weather strip. Lay the Windshield Upper Side and Swing Arm Frames on a solid surface. Position the rubber strip on the top of the groove so that one edge of the strip is in the groove.

Using a flat blade screwdriver, push the raised edge of the rubber into the groove.

Continue working down the strip, alternating sides to force the rubber strip into the groove. You will probably have to work back and forth along the strip several times before it is fully seated in the groove. When finished, you will be able to see the ends of the weather strip fully seated in the groove, and the rest of the weather strip will protrude from the groove an even amount along the strip. Once the strip is fully seated in the groove, trim the ends flush with the ends of the trim Windshield Upper Side and Swing Arm Frames.